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    Alexandra Chaves
    May 09,2001
    Kitchener, Canada
  • AGE
    18 years, 7 months
    1.67 m


Alexandra Chaves is an established competitive dancer and actress, best known for her outstanding performances on the Canadian television series, The Next Step. Broadcasted in more than 120 countries, The Next Step is a teenage dramatic mockumentary series, which revolves around the themes of love and friendship. Before becoming an international award winning dancer, Alexandra Chaves participated in numerous competitive dancing competitions in her local town. Apart from dancing, Alexandra Chaves also participated in gymnastics, hockey and soccer during her school days. As a competitive dancer, Alexandra Chaves was able to scoop numerous national and international awards.

Early Life

Born on 9 May 2001 in Ontario, Canada, Alexandra Chaves love for danding began at avery tender age. However, during her early years, Alexandra Chaves could not pursue her love for dancing as she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and heart arrhythmia. The two conditions disallowed her from dancing for up to 9 months. During this period, Alexandra Chaves decided to take on her other passion, which did not involve lots of physical activities, acting. Chaves was able to find an agent and it did not take long before her acting career took off.