1. birdy
  2. birdy
  3. birdy
    May 15,1996
    Lymington, England
  • AGE
    23 years, 9 months
    1.6 m


Music, the only thing on earth which can evoke emotions on different levels. It can bring tears to our eyes, make us feel great and change the mood. One of the greatest singers who has been doing this with an ease which belies her talent and age is Ms. Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, know in the music world as “Birdy”. She has brought in a different perspective in music, which has been unparalleled for years to come.


She was born on 15th May 1996, a Taurean by birth who has decided to set some interesting goals, which has led her to pursue a career and she has reached the pinnacle of music at an early age. United Kingdom has been blessed with a child who became a prodigy at an early by winning the “Open Mic UK” at a tender age of 12.


Needless to say, it’s sheer talent which Birdy has been born with. She has a long way to go. Her parents have realized the talent and have nurtured it in a way, which has led to Birdy to what she is today.