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    Chris Pratt
    Jun 21,1979
    Virginia, Minnesota, United States
  • AGE
    40 years, 5 months
    1.88 m


Chris Pratt is a renowned American actor who came to prominence for his outstanding performance in Parks and Recreation. It was because of his outstanding performance in the sitcom that Chris Pratt received several nominations including a Critic’s Choice Award. Pratt also featured in several other television series and films, during the early days of his career including Everwood, Wanted, Moneyball, Five Year Engagement, Delivery Man and Zero Dark Thirty. Chris Pratt also landed a leading man status in the year 2014, after featuring in two critically acclaimed films, The Lego Movie and Guardian of the Galaxy. In the year 2014, Chris Pratt appeared in Jurassic World, which happens to be the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park film series. Jurassic Park was Chris Pratt’s most successful film before Infinity War was released.


Early Life

Born in Virginia, Chris Pratt is the youngest child of one Kathleen Louis, who served as an attendant at Safeway Supermarket and one Daniel Pratt, who worked in the mining industry, before he began to remodel houses.