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    Collins Key
    May 09,1996
    Arizona, United States
  • AGE
    23 years, 7 months
    1.91 m


Born on 9 May 1996, Collins Key became famous after becoming a fan favourite and also one of the finalists in America’s got talent where he managed to finish 5th. As a matter of fact, Collins Key became the first ever magician to become a finalist. Due to his outstanding performance, Collins Key was accepted into Castle Junior program. Key took magic to a whole new level and is currently referred to as Magic’s first pop star. Key’s tricks are not only mesmerizing, but also his good looks and outstanding blue eyes is what makes him a favourite among the fans.


Apart from appearing on America’s Got Talent, Collins Key was also among the first magician to upload short clips of themselves performing magic on YouTube. Ever since he was young, Collins has always wanted to become an entertainer. Apart from entertaining his visitors and friends at home, Collins eventually graduated to private shows. Key’s career as a magician eventually took a giant leap when he eventually participated on the TV show, America’s Got Talent.