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    Halle Berry
    Aug 14,1966
    Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • AGE
    53 years, 3 months
    1.65 m


Halle Berry is a famous American beauty queen who was born on 14th August, 1996. She is a professional actress and has over years worn various awards in the industry for her unmatched performances. Berry is reported to be the top most paid actress in the Hollywood movies and also recognized as the first African-American woman who worn in the academy award for her outstanding performances.


Family and relationship

Halle Berry is the second daughter to Judith Ann and Jerome Berry. Her parents separated when she was only four years of age and her mother who is a psychiatric nurse succeeded in raising her together with her elder sister, Heidi. Berry’s marriage life has not been sweet and successful at all. She has gone through three marriages without any success and she’s currently a divorced mother trying to bring up her kids. Her marital status does not however discourage her from pursuing her career and she therefore struggles to always shine in the acting industry.



Since her early age, Halle had passion in pursuing her acting career and did all she could to ensure that she had succeeded in it. Apart from acting in the Hollywood films Berry has also participated in several beauty contests and always emerged a winner. Miss Ohio USA pageant and Miss Teen All American Pageant are among the awards she won during her beauty contests.