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    Harrison Ford
    Jul 13,1942
    Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • AGE
    77 years, 4 months
    1.85 m


Harrison Ford is an American based film producer and actor. Birthplace of Harrison Ford is Chicago, Illinois and birthday is 13 July 1942. He is a licensed pilot for helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. During his early life, he was an active boy scout of America and reached up to its second highest rank.

He managed to secure the worldwide fame for his role of Han Solo in Star War movie series and as the main character in Jones Series. He is also famous for his role in Blade Runner and the sequel of the same Blade Runner 2049. His career span is six decades-long during which he played the different roles in Hollywood hit movies. Some of them are Apocalypse Now, Air force one, What lie Beneath, Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Conversation etc. In 2016, Ford won the best actor award for his tremendous work in Star Wars the force awakens. In 2018, he is also nominated for Best supporting actor against his role in Blade Runner 2049.