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    Heath Ledger
    Apr 04,1979
    New York City, New York, United States
  • AGE
    40 years, 7 months
    1.85 m


Heath Andrew Ledger was an Australian director and actor.  The birthplace of Heath is Perth, Australia. And Birthday is 4 April 1979. In such a short lifespan of 28 years, Heath played various roles in television and movies. Total 19 films comprise his film career. One of them is The Dark Knight. In which he played the role of Joker. Which was very much applauded by the audience.

Before he became famous, he was passionate about chess. He won Junior chess championship of Western Australia at the age of 10.


He debuted via a TV show ship to shore. In which he played the role of a cyclist for three episodes.

In 2004, Ledger started dating an actress Michelle Williams. They had a daughter in 2005, named Matilda Rose Ledger.

Heath Ledger was suffering from insomnia after his role in The Dark Knight. He died on 22 January 2008, due to the overdose of prescription drugs.