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    Justin Bieber
    Mar 01,1994
    London, Ontario, Canada
  • AGE
    25 years, 11 months
    1.75 m


The Canadian singer and actor Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 under his real name Justin Drew Bieber in London, Ontario, Canada. His mother Patricia Lynn was just 18 years old. She separated from father Jeremy Jack Bieber when Justin was ten months old. She raised her son alone and received support from her grandparents Bruce and Diane. Justin Bieber grew up in Stratford, Ontario. His German name is due to his paternal grandfather, who once immigrated to Canada.

Justin was enrolled in a French immersion school and grew up bilingually. At twelve, he moved to a middle school. His favorite subject was sport and he showed great interest in ice hockey, football and chess. He often accompanied his grandparents to go fishing. Justin was part of the school team in ice hockey and found his big athletic role model in the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Since the money in the family was often scarce, the mother could afford no music lessons for her son. Justin taught himself to play drums, piano, guitar and trumpet himself. The first drums he got as a gift at the age of five. The musical idols of his childhood were Michael Jackson or bands like "Aerosmith" and "Metallica". Justin Bieber was educated Christian and denied minor appearances as a child in the local parish.

At the age of twelve, Bieber finished fourth at a local talent competition. A short time later, he made it to rank 2 in a similar contest. His mother said he was doing something good by releasing the boy's video-based performances on the Internet to share with friends and relatives. The videos attracted a lot of interest and quickly turned enthusiastic users into real fans. The young artist was discovered by accident. Music manager Scooter Braun came across these videos and invited Justin to demo recordings in Atlanta, Georgia.



There is a constant ups and downs in Justin Bieber's relationships . With singer Selena Gomez , the Canadian since 2010 has an on / off relationship. In March 2018, the two musicians have now finally ended their relationship. In July 2018 Justin announced his engagement with Hailey Baldwin.


With which top stars is Justin Bieber related?

There is a page on the net called Ancestry.com that does genealogy research. How well they can do that, they currently showcase a prominent example. And to the Canadian teen star Justin Bieber (18).

According to the Associated Press , the genealogists have found some interesting connections around Bieber. In fact, three topstars of very different kind should be related to him. First, there is Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling, 31, who seems to be Justin's 12th cousin. Almost as "close" to him is singer Avril Lavigne (28), which at least brings it to 13th cousin. And also Celine Dion (44) is said to be distantly related to Biebs. Ryan, Avril and Celine are of course all Canadians too.

An illustrious pedigree, even though the connections are really very extensive. Still surprising what ancestral research can do, and that's what the site is about, as researcher Michelle Ercanback confirms: "The great thing about family stories is that you never know what you're going to find. And this was also a funny surprise for us. "



As the manager Scooter Braun 2008 encounters a clip of Justin Bieber, he is thrilled by the delicate voice. He invites him to Atlanta and takes demo tapes with him. Usher and Justin Timberlake want to work with the up-and-coming talent, with Usher winning the race in the end. In 2009, Justin Bieber's EP My World comes out and all seven songs end up in the top 100 - a world record! Also in 2009 Justin Bieber may even in the context of the television special Christmas in Washington in the White House for Barack Obama .

The first studio album My World 2.0 (2009) follows next year, for both plates Justin Bieber can note platinum in his profile. The debut single "One Time" is in the Top 30 in ten countries, but "Baby" is Justin's biggest hit to date. On his first tour, he performs in 40 cities and screeches millions of "Belieber," as his fans call it.



In January 2011, Justin Bieber's new single "Never Say Never" will be released. In February, finally, the 3D movie Justin Bieber: Never Say Never published, which contains some biographical features. Already on the day of publication, the film took in the US about 12.4 million dollars. Three days after the movie, the remix album Never Say Never: The Remixes will be released. This is followed by the Christmas album Under the Mistletoe (2011) and the album Believe (2012).



In the next few years, Justin Bieber always makes scandal stories that bring him the image of a bad boy. In January 2014, for example, the singer is arrested in Miami and presented to a judge in a prisoner gulf. The accusation is drunk driving and participation in an illegal car race. On 8 April 2015, the Argentine judiciary even applied for an arrest warrant at Interpol, as the singer had not appeared for a court date.

But then the positive twist: End of August 2015, Biebs celebrates his musical return with the single "What Do You Mean?", Which immediately creates the number one spot on the "Billboard Hot 100 Charts". On November 13, the Canadian releases his first album after a three-year break: Purpose becomes a global hit and lands at the top of the charts in many countries - as well as the singles "Sorry" and "Love Yourself". Justin Bieber wins his first "Grammy Award" in 2016 and starts a big world tour shortly afterwards, which he had to stop early.

Musically, it is still very good for Justin. His remix of "Despacito" will reach number one spot in 2017 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. With "2U", a collaboration with David Guetta, Justin also manages a hit.