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    Katy Perry
    Oct 25,1984
    Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • AGE
    35 years, 3 months
    1.7 m


She was born in October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, CA. She gained fame in 2008 after releasing her hit song I kissed a girl. In 2010, she released an album with 5 songs which topped the U.S billboard. The album teenage dream by Katy Perry was a great success which even made her more famous. She was became the first female artist to hit the hottest 100 songs on the billboard. She was then voted the woman of the year in 2012. She became the judge of American idol in 2018.


Katy Perry is a daughter of two pastors hence she was not allowed to listen to any other song apart from gospel. In 2012, she was featured in 3D documentary where she grossed over $30 million in the box office. In 2014, Katy Perry became the first person ever to hit 50 million twitter followers. Her parents were Mary Perry and Keith Hudson. Katy Perry is marred to Russell Brand.