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    Liam Neeson
    Jun 07,1952
  • AGE
    67 years, 2 months
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Born on June 7 1952, Liam Neeson is an established film actor, who hails from Northern Ireland. Neeson began his acting career by joining a local theatre productions team, known as the Lyrics Players Theatre for about two years. Five years later, he appeared in Excalibur, an Arthurian film, released in the year 1981. Between the year 1982 and 1987, Liam Neeson appeared in five feature film with the most notable one being The Bounty. In the Bounty, Liam Neeson played alongside Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson. Another popular film that Liam Neeson featured in, is the Mission, which he starred alongside Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro.

Early Life

Liam Neeson is the son of Katherine Neeson, who worked as a cook and Barney Neeson, who served as a caretaker for the Ballymena Boys Primary School. Because his family were staunch Roman Catholics, Liam's family decided to name him after a local priest. Liam is the third born in a family of four. Raised in a predominantly Protestant town, Liam Neeson became somewhat cautious and even described various instances when he felt as though he was a second-class citizen.