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    Lily James
    Apr 05,1989
    Esher, United Kingdom
  • AGE
    30 years, 10 months
    1.7 m


Lily James Biography

Lily James is an English Actress best known for roles in Baby Driver and Darkest Hour. Before she became an actor, James studied acting in London at Guildhall School of Drama. In the year 2010, Lily James began her acting career in Just Williams, a British television series. After assuming a supporting role in Downton Abbey, a period drama series, Lily James finally had her breakthrough when she took on the main role in the fantasy film, Cinderella. Later on in the year 2016, Lily James played Natasha Rostav in the series War and Peace.

Early Life

Born in the year 1989 in the small town of Esher in Surrey, Lily James is the daughter of an actress and a musician. Just like Lily, James's grandmother was also an actress as well. Lily James attended a performing arts schools before she went ahead to study acting at the world-renowned Guildhall Music and Drama School.

Personal Life

In the year 2008, Lily James’s father passed away due to cancer. According to Lily, filming father-daughter scenes in Cinderella proved to be quite emotional for her. As a tribute to her father, Lily had to change her name to James.