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    Orlando Bloom
    Jan 13,1977
    Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • AGE
    42 years, 10 months
    1.8 m


Orlando Bloom is a renowned English actor, best known for his outstanding performances in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. After his breakthrough role in the Lord of the Rings, Bloom continued to rise to fame by appearing in several other historical epics, adventure and fantasy films including Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy, The Hobbit and Will Turner.

Early Life

Born on January 13 1977, in Canterbury, Kent, Orlando Bloom was named after a renowned English composer. While growing up, Orlando Bloom believed that his stepfather was his biological father, who passed away when Bloom was only 4 years old. However, when Orlando Bloom turned 13 years old, his mother revealed to him that Colin Stone was his biological father. After Harry Bloom’s death, Colin Stone became Orlando Bloom’s legal guardian.

Film Career

Orlando Bloom’s first ever screen appearance was in the film Wilde, in which he played a small role, as a rentboy. However, 2 days after graduating from Guildhall, Orlando Bloom received his first major acting role in the epic film, Lord of the Rings. Initially, Orlando Bloom auditioned as Faramir, who does not appear in the trilogy until the second movie. However, the director instead chose to cast him as Legolas.