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    Pierce Brosnan
    May 16,1953
    Drogheda, Republic of Ireland
  • AGE
    66 years, 5 months
    1.88 m


Pierce Brendan Brosnan is not only an Irish actor but also a film producer as well as an activist. Although he is of the Irish origin, he is a naturalized American citizen. Despite the dual citizenship, the actual birthday place of Pierce Brosnan is County Meath, Drogheda, Ireland. Pierce Brosnan birthday is May 16th, 1953. Many people wonder how old Pierce Brosnan is. Therefore, as of 2018, Pierce Brosnan age is 65 years old.

Pierce Brosnan is renowned for playing James Bond in a series of films. Pierce Brosnan was raised by his relatives because his father left shortly after his birth and his mother left to work in England. He was affiliated to theater groups where his acting career started. Since 1982 to 2017, Pierce Brosnan has featured in a number of television series and movies and the most recent movie to appear in was The Foreigner where he starred alongside Jackie Chan in 2017.