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    Robert De Niro
    Aug 17,1943
    Greenwich Village, New York, United States
  • AGE
    76 years, 3 months
    1.77 m


Widely known for the highly rated television series, the Godfather Saga, Robert De Niro is an award-winning actor, and a well-established director and producer. Currently, Robert De Niro is among the most decorated actors of all time, with more than 21 film awards and more than 60 nominations in his name. In the year 2016, Robert De Niro received a Presidential Medal of Honour from the American President Barack Obama. While starting out as an actor, Robert De Niro’s first ever major films roles were in the film Mean Streets and Bang the Drum Slowly.

Early Life

Born on August 17 1943, in Manhattan, Robert De Niro was the only child of Robert De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral. De Niro is of Irish, Italian, Dutch, French, English and German descent. When Robert De Niro was two years old, his parents divorced and several days later after the divorce, Robert De Niro Sr. made the announcement that he was gay. Robert De Niro’s parents had met while attending painting classes in Massachusetts. After the divorce, Robert De Niro was brought up by his mother, while from time to time, he went to visit his father, who lived in a nearby town.