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    Sean Connery
    Aug 25,1930
  • AGE
    89 years, 5 months
    1.89 m


Sean Connery is an award-winning Scottish producer and actor, best known for his roles in the James Bond franchise. A highly talented actor, Sean Connery is the recipient of two BAFTA Awards and three Golden-Globe Awards. Sean Connery became the first person to portray James Bond, in the James Bond film series, from the year 1962 to 1983. In the year 1988, Sean Connery received an Academy Award for his performance in the film Untouchables. Other films that Sean Connery participated in include, Indiana Jones, Finding Forrester, The Rock, Dragonheart and the League-of-Extraordinary Gentlemen. In the year 1989, Sean Connery was named the Sexiest Man Alive.

Early Life

Born in the year 1930, Sean Connery was named after his grandfather. Connery’s mother worked as a cleaning woman, while his father, on the other hand, worked as a factory worker and lorry driver. Though Sean Connery was extremely small in primary school, he began growing rapidly upon turning 12 years. When Connery turned 18 years, he reached his full adult height of 6’2. Sean Connery first worked as a milkman for a local Co-Operative society.