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    Tony Jaa
    Feb 05,1976
    Surin Province, Thailand
  • AGE
    44 years, 0 months
    1.68 m


Previously known as Phanon Yerum, Tony Jaa is an accomplished actor best known for his contributions in the critically acclaimed films, Furious 7 and Ong Bak. Apart from being an actor, Tony Jaa is also a martial artist, stuntman, director, a Buddhist monk and a choreographer.

Born in the rural area of Surin Province, in Thailand, Tony Jaa spent a bigger part of his childhood watching films by martial arts legends such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li as well. All these three actors had a major impact on Tony Jaa's life and in turn, indirectly pushed him to learn martial arts. While doing chores or working in his father's rice paddy, Tony Jaa would imitate the moves that he had seen from these three actors.

At the age of 10, Tony Jaa began his training in Muay Thai at the local temple. When he turned 15, he requested to become the protege of one Ranna Rittikrai, a renowned film director and stuntman.

Tony Jaa got married to his longtime girlfriend in the year 2011. Jaa and his girlfriend have a son and a daughter.