Justin Bieber to Become a Father

According to latest reports, the world-famous Canadian singer and actor, Justin Bieber is about to become a father. This news only comes, a few weeks after Bieber made an official announcement, that he had been officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Jailey Baldwin. In a recent post by LA Downtown Gazette, the online newspaper claims that Jailey Baldwin is three months pregnant. Moreover, LA Downtown Gazette also goes ahead to point out, that Jailey and Bieber had intended to conceal the pregnancy, and wanted to reveal it only after they went public with their engagement news.

Even with the news breaking out much earlier than when Bieber and Jailey had initially intended, the couple were not extremely disappointed that the news had leaked. According to inside sources, the two intend to make an official announcement soon. Just like the engagement news, the pregnancy news also shocked many people across the world. However, anyone who had been keenly following the two knows that the two have been dating for quite some time. In a recent interview with the UK Times, Baldwin revealed that her friendship with Justin Bieber goes way back.

Their longtime friendship eventually turned into a romantic relationship, which saw the couple spend lots of time together. However, as time went by, the two had to go through a long period of time, when they were neither friends nor lovers. Apart from not speaking to each other, there was also some weirdness between the two, something extremely common when close friends who happen to be from the opposite sex, reach the ages of 18 or 19 years. It is during this period of separation, that Justin Bieber went through a string of relationships, with the most notable one involving singer and actor, Selena Gomez.

However, as time went by, Justin and Jailey eventually managed to get through the phase and began dating once again. The engagement news caused a frenzy on Twitter and Instagram, as many people came out to claim that the news might once again be a hoax. Last year, Justin Bieber caused a frenzy, when he posted a picture of him, holding a baby girl, with the caption “My Daughter”. As expected the internet went ballistic, with many people sending him congratulatory messages. However, beneath the caption, Justin Bieber included another caption, “Just Kidding”, which was somehow hidden. From the look of things, this time around, the pregnancy news is not a hoax, as Bieber’s girlfriend was recently spotted with an alleged baby bump, while on a romantic date with Justin Bieber.

Moreover, the source then went ahead to point out that during the date, Jailey made a toast twice with water and not wine, which is something unusual. When asked about the reports, Justin Bieber’s representative said that he does not comment on his client’s personal life, which in turn means that the representative has neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.